The Global Referendum for Peace

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

There has to be a point in history, when the time of wars ends or history itself will come to an end. It is the people who die in wars, it is the people who have to express their wish to stop wars forever. For the first time in history this is a real possibility.

What is the Global Referendum for Peace initiative?

Our goal is to organize referendums in each country separately on Earth, any time within the next fifteen years till 2030, about one single question:

Do you hereby express that you don’t approve of wars, don’t want wars any more in history and revoke all rights from your representatives and leaders to wage wars?

What is the purpose of this referendum?

A successful referendum can achieve two key goals. First it can create a very strong case for peace, strong legal prohibition for holders of power to wage wars. The other goal is to show, that the citizens of Earth have a unified voice and can express their wishes in a formal, undisputable way.

How will this be organized?

The Global Referendum initiative is not backed by a central organization. It is a grassroots movement, organized locally everywhere with a global scope. The hope is that individuals and non-government organizations will pick this up in each country, and will start organizing and campaigning with their own resources. These organizations can offer their help to others to join the initiative in the same or other countries.

Why fifteen years?

Each country has its own legal system that defines how referendums can be initiated and held. Some countries even have no such laws. Sufficient time is required for the movements to grow, to create the necessary legal framework and then to do the local campaigning for the referendum. Fifteen years should be enough for this everywhere.

Why the question on peace?

The question of peace is the most urgent question for Humanity. With the advancement of technology each war brought more and more casualties. At the current level if war remains a tool for those in power the outcome can be the extinction of the human race. This must not happen, and the long age of wars must end. This is a goal achievable with the population of Earth expressing such a wish. A basic human need for peace, in a simple statement. If this is done in a uniform way by the citizens of the Earth, there can be no authority that could question its legitimacy.

Isn’t this a more complex question?

No, but many will try to make it appear so. There will be challenges, large scale social debates and some will put up great resistance. This will be a fight, even if a peaceful one. After that will come step two, demilitarization and disarmament, which will be a challenging process, but it will be seen much easier after popular demand is already declared.

Why a referendum?

A referendum is a legal institution deeply rooted in democratic tradition that allows the population to express their wish to control state policy. This is the most widely available, legitimate and non-revolutionary way to stand up for a common goal and it is the hardest to dispute afterwards. A local referendum is also very concrete, achievable and in many cases has some kind of precedence.

Should I join?

Take a minute to contemplate human history and the effects of wars. Cities burning, soldiers and civilians, children, women and men dying. Picture this in a nuclear war. This is something that we can stop. And you can have a part in stopping this: by acting today!

What can I do?

If you as an individual or your organization supports the initiative you can start organizing today to make this referendum held in your country. If you don’t know where to start, try finding other people and organizations. And then: share! Talk to your family, your friends, go out on the streets, collect signatures, create a movement – do whatever you have to do to make this happen according to your country’s laws!

On this site we will try to maintain a list of supporting organizations, so if you are on board, you can send us your contact information, name and homepage link to be shared here. Or you can just publicize support in your own ways to help people finding you. We are also happy to publish news regarding the initiative, and as we progress we’ll try to adapt to all needs for a news and administrative hub.

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